Cole Weatherby, D.O.
Moontower Mental Wellness, PLLC
Aviation Psychiatry
Aviation has been a passion of mine for many years! I'm an instrument rated private pilot with a passion for contributing to aviation safety and the aviation community, particularly GA. In addition to psychiatric practice, I am also an FAA-designated HIMS Aviation Medical Examiner and spend about half of my clinical time on those activities at Austin Aerospace/Texas AME. Click here if you are interested in making an appointment for an AME consultation or FAA medical exam.

FAA Psychiatric Evaluations
There are several circumstances in which the FAA requires an applicant/airman to have a comprehensive psychiatric assessment performed. This could relate to a history of a mood disorder, ADHD, substance use, or any number of mental health issues. These assessments differ from a standard psychiatric evaluation because the physician performing them is not your treating physician, but rather a neutral consultant tasked with forming an objective diagnostic opinion. In addition to a psychiatric interview, an extensive review of your prior treatment records is typically performed and collateral history is sometimes obtained from individuals such as past or current healthcare providers, family members, co-workers, etc. Please note, there are some circumstances in which a HIMS psychiatric evaluation is required, and I am not a HIMS psychiatrist.

If you are interested in scheduling an FAA psychiatric evaluation, please call my office at 512-522-7708 or email me at Fees for this type of assessment typically range from $1750-$2750.

Mental Healthcare for Aviators
In addition to the FAA psychiatric evaluations, I greatly enjoy working with aviators on their mental health issues from a treatment standpoint. If you are looking for psychiatric treatment from a provider who is familiar with the FAA requirements and guidelines, please get in touch to see if I might be a good fit for your treatment needs!